100 Miles in May Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do the 100 Miles in May Challenge?

The 100 Miles in May Challenge is for the workplace, for solo flyers (individuals), or any group of family, friends or classmates wanting to build a fun team!

How do I sign up?

  1. Everyone first needs to create an account as the first step.
  2. You then Join the Challenge and register as a Business Team, Fun Team, or an individual/Solo Flyer.
  3. You then need to join an existing team (if you have been invited by another member), create a new team, or Go Solo.

How do I change teams or go from Solo to a Team?

Go to “My Team” on the Dashboard and select the button “Leave _____”. Confirm and search the team you would like to join. If you are the team owner, all other team members must leave or be removed first before you can leave.

I'm a Team Leader. How do I change my Team's donation amount?

Go to “My Team” and click on the dollar amount.

How do I change my individual/personal pledge/donation?

Go to "My Dashboard" and click on the dollar amount.

How do I make a personal donation?

Go to "My Dashboard" and click on "Donation Info" to view your current pledge recap. You can then choose from the availabile donation method options, including PayPal or mailing a check.

How do I make a team donation?

Only the team captain can make a donation for the team. If you are the team captain, go to "My Team" and click on "Donation Info" to view your team's current pledge recap. You can then choose from the availabile donation method options, including PayPal or mailing a check.

Where should I mail the donation check to?

If you choose to send your donation by check, please send it to:

Healthy Futures
PO Box 110201
Anchorage, AK 99511

How are miles converted/determined?

The base unit is the amount of energy it takes to run/walk 1 mile. Even though there will be other activities such as hiking, skiing, biking, etc. that you can measure the exact distance using a device, maps, etc., the energy output for them is more or less than walking/running 1 mile so they are converted using time instead (using national standards for conversion) or miles are adjusted to reflect effort. For example: biking is one of the distance categories that you enter in distance, but the output distance is converted to equivalent miles running/walking (not 1:1). If you feel you are doing a vigorous activity and getting less distance for your energy output, please use your discretion and add more time. There are lots of variable energy outputs for many of these activities so we understand that we can’t measure every single one so we trust your judgment and honesty.

What are the Cool Prizes?

How does the Pledge Work?

A pledge is required in order to participate.

Teams/participants have three options:

Am I eligible for a prize?

Donating/pledging teams only and individuals are only eligible to win. If you are on a team that isn’t sponsoring as a team, but you donate individually, you are eligible to win as an individual. Healthy Heroes are not eligible for prizes.

What if my exercise is not on the list?

Email us and we will consider adding it, but if it is an activity not frequently used by many, find the most similar one and use your best judgement.

What if I use a pedometer on the job?

Use your daily activity as part of your 100 Miles and convert it using the many online tools to converts steps to miles. If you are a nurse, construction worker etc. and walk throughout your day, use that activity as measured by your pedometer, smart phone, etc.

What if my team has registrants that don’t participate?

If some of your teammates choose not to log miles, the team owner can choose to remove them to increase the team's miles/participant average.

How do I navigate the Leaderboards?

There are 4 leaderboards to view rankings: Teams or Individuals, Industry type, Team size, Average miles/participant, and Total miles. You need to select the one you would like to see using the drop down boxes at the top of the page. The winning team is based on average miles/participant. This allows small teams to be competitive with larger ones.