What is 100 Miles in May?

The 100 Miles in May Challenge is a fundraiser for the Healthy Futures program, which works to empower Alaska's youth to build the habit of daily physical activity. It's an excellent opportunity to encourage physical activity among employees, family, or friends, and role model healthy behavior for youth. As participants enter their exercise into a mileage converter, they can track their status on group, category, and statewide leaderboards!

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The 100 Miles in May concept was developed by R&M Consultants, Inc.

Who can do the 100 Miles in May Challenge?

The 100 Miles in May Challenge is for the workplace, for solo flyers, or any group of family, friends or classmates wanting to build a fun team!

What are the Cool Prizes?

*Healthy Heroes not eligible for prizes

How does the Pledge Work?

Teams/participants have three options:

100 Miles in May made possible in part by generous support from Rasmuson Foundation.